Tau Sigma MEMBER Benefits


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SDSU Tau Sigma student members benefit from the following:

  • Lifetime membership in Tau Sigma - pay only one membership fee
  • Students are invited to participate in a special transfer honors recognition ceremony
  • Tau Sigma student members' names are printed in the commencement (graduation) program, distributed at your college ceremony
  • Resume - add Honors/Awards section and highlight Tau Sigma National Honor Society
  • Opportunity to apply to Tau Sigma scholarship opportunities.
  • Opportunity to apply to participate in a future national Tau Sigma leadership conference
  • Engagement in the official Transfer Student Outreach Alliance (TSOA) student organization (to meet other transfer student peers)\
    • students will be invited to meetings in the future or can apply to serve in a leadership role
  • Additional mentorship opportunities.
  • Internship opportunities in our Tau Sigma organization or our Student Success Office  to gain practical experience or credit in service of our transfer student community.